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About Me - Everyday Events Of: Lydi.
Random, Odd and Lazy!
About Me

whats ur full name? Lydia Avenel

what day of the week were u born? Monday i think

so what date does that make ur bday? 18th march...1985?

who gave birth to u? My mommy? foo'

and who provided the sperm? My dad apparantly

do u got any annoying siblings? nope, only child over here

whats their names? ---

were u happy growin up? i was yeah, thanks so much for asking...*nods* i had a great childhood, filled with kitties, bunnies, and chickens at one point.

so where are u from then? i'm half asian, half french

been there all ur life? been to malaysia, lived there for a couple of years and lived a few months in france when i was a baby

where do u wish u lived? Liverpool, or someplace kinda quiet

do u wanna get married? i do indeed

how bout kids? obviously

whats their names gonna be? oooh i dont know about that one, i have a list of names that i like but i havent chosen on any names yet

ru in a relationship? I am indeedy

whats their name? Ste

is it true luv? I believe it to be true love, yeah

if u arent do u wanna be in one? ---

what ru lookin for? A place where i can be with my ste. what am i looking for in a guy? tall, dark, handsome guy, with gorgeous eyes and a wonderful smile...hmmm wow, i already got a guy like that...lucky me!

where would u/did u go on ur first date? *thinks*...i dont think we've been on a proper date!, but we went shopping, and went to the movies and after that went to McD's and had a drink and shared fries...that was really nice =) something simple like that.

what happened? ^^^^

ever have a dream bout them? constantly, either at night or day dreaming

what happened in it? well last nights dream, i dont think is something id like to share with loads of people *ahem*

have any other dreams lately? I had one aboooout....fish rings

bout what? ^^^^^^^

u ever dream ur a celebrity? i dreamt i was a murderer once, not a celebrety

so whos ur fav actors? russel crow dude, *thinks* no its not working im too tired. errrr...yeah

are they in ur fav movie? I dont have a fav movie, i have loads

seen any good movies lately? x2...matrix 2 had good fight scenes but i was more interested in the guys moving beard than anything else

what was it about? white weird beard dude

did u rent it or go see it? went to see it

what ws the last dvd u bought? errr *thinks* some stargate dvd for my dad

did it have a good soundtrack? no

have a fav soundtrack? wheres my mind

who are sum of ur fav recording artists then? placebo?

what was the last song u heard? centrefolds, placebo

did u like it? its good yeah =)

whats ur fav song out there? Without you im nothing - Placebo, or Coldplay - The scientist

ever see those kids on american idol sing? errrmmm nope

whatd u think bout them? dunno...really =p

do u like reality shows like that? they're...funny

which is ur fav? *thinks* those surviving ones where a load of people are thrown into some jungle and they got to survive for years

what other shows do u like? that 70's show, friends and charmed

what show did u hate to see go the most? *thinks* i have no clue....friends?

any shows u wish would just go away? Crap ones...like, i dunno....

ever start ur own site protesting the show? no

how bout for a show? no?

or for anything? errrm no

whats ur fav site on the web? orisinal.com, such cute games!!

do u chat a lot then? i do yeah

to who? ste, friends, people from other countries

have u ever started chatting to someone just for the hell of it? shure...its fun =p

ever find urself meeting someone u wished u hadnt? yeah...

did it turn ugly or did u block them? it went okay for a while, then it just went blergh

ever make up stuff to someone? im sure i have yeah

did they ever find out? errrr...i dont know, maybe?

how bout ebay, u been on there? nope

do u like to bid or sell? sell?

ever snip somebody? no!

did u feel bad or angry? ---

ever buy anything u really didnt need? shure, all the time =p

how bout off the web? uh-huh...

do u like to shop a lot? i do, for random crap, or nice pretty things

where at? clothes shops, pooter shops, drugstores (accessories)

find anything good on sale lately? tropico 2 pirate thingy

do u ever get up for those before noon sales? nah, im not that much of a shopping freak

do u like getting up early then? i cant help it, i just wake up early =(

whats ur alarm clock look like? like my mobile...wait! it IS my mobile...=o, shocking

what kinda sounds it make? beep....beep beep beep......BEEP BEEP FUCKING BEEP!

do u eat in the morning or hold off? i dont have time for breakfast but when i have the chance i eat =p

what do u wish ur mom would make for super everyday? errr yes...

any chores she makes u do? room...clean-ages

any would u rather clean the toliet over? ....huh?

do u have a dog to clean up after? no

any pets at all? mope

whats their names? ---

do u have a job yet? nuh-uh want one tho

what do u do or plan to do? teaching liddle kids!!

is that what u wanna do in the future? yeah, be a primary school teacher

then what do u wanna do? have kids of my own

ru plannin on going away to college for that? *sigh* i should shouldnt i?

which one? any...does it matter?

so where will u be 10 yrs from now? pregnant, happy, more in love with ste than ever, smiling loads, and a married woman

ru driving the same car? i want to driiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!

do u even drive yet? ^^^^^^^^

what kind of car is it? ---

do u like it? -------

what kinda car would u get if u could? one that could take me to places

would u put stickers on it? shure...

what would they say? containing a high level of profanity im thinking

where would u go if u could right now? the beach, or the dunes, or uk

ever been there before? shure

would u take anyone with u? ste

are they ur friend? yep...more so

who else is ur friend? loads of people...mostly known as the dudes

if u won the lottery, would u give them some of the money then? why? did they ask for some?

how bout to charity? yeah

is there a cause out there ur really for? the "punish the lying scums and pathetic bitches in the universe" cause...it's dead good

ever volunteer there then? its one of those causes which have just started...

would u? yes...oh god, yes

did u ever find urself in a situation u wish u werent in? yeah...way too many times

did u put urself in it? i dont think so, and if it was me? then i hate myself for it

what happened? 1)moms condition
2) October/November Incident

did u ever wish u were someone else? sometimes

so were u jealous of them or what? no, i had no specific person in mind, sometimes i just wish i wasnt me

have u ever been jealous of anyone? jealous yes, but now its not worth being jealous because i know i'm better than her in so many ways, whatever anybody says

was it angry jealous or insane jealous? i dont know you could get different types of jealousy...

did u hold a grudge against them for something? yes...fuck yes...

how bout for anyone else? nothing as extreme as that

was it with a friend? extreme thingy? nope...never really liked her in the first place, she gave off a bad vibe

ever say anything u wish u could take back? *thinks* no, i dont regret a lot of things i said in life

whatd u say? ---

any other regrets in life? never saying what i wanted to say to ste at the time, losing my virginity with the wrong person, living life and making it kinda crap

do u think they’ll still be there 50 yrs from now? errr shure

or do u think ull be dead by then? i prolly will be dead

where do u think we all go when we die? i dont know, but i'm hoping somewhere nice

how do u think ull go? sleeping in my bed, dying because of old age

does ur death scare u cos u cant get outta it? not really, its just a process whic happens later on in life

ever lose someone u really wish u hadnt? Badge...i didnt even know him that well but he didnt deserve to die at such a young age

did they die or did things just not work out? he died, yeah

is there anything u wish you couldve said to them before they left? Just, to be careful

what was it? ^^^

are these questons makin u emotional? kind of yes, the shock of his death is still kinda fresh

are u the type to let it out or hold it in? let it out, whatever it is, i say it...sometimes i let things in, because i'd think it sounds stupid or wrong, and i wish i had the strength to let everything out

is there anyone u go to then? ste, mat, la, my men...=)

how do u releave ur stress? by thinking by myself, and sometimes just staying in my room and think it all through

what day of the week ru on? Tuesday

well what time zone do u live in? holland...errrrr an hour ahead from uk

do u live near a city? the hague...

which one? ^^^

whats ur fav place to eat there? turkish pizza place? oooooor yeah

do u eat out a lot? not really no

do u like to spend a lot there? ---

ever find urself without money after u already ate? nah

whatd u do? ---

was it cos ur date said hed pay but had no money on him? ---

do u think the person who asks should pay or should u always split the tab? i think you should split

have any really bad dates? not really bad, just the occasion quiet awkward silence thing

what happened? ^^^^^

did ur friends set u up? hehe no

ever been on a bad date that turned good? *thinks* not really

did u thank ur friends then? ---

ever have ur friend ask if they could date ur ex? never

whatd u tell them? id tell them, have him, but i warn you he's scum

did things work out with them? dunno, no friends of mine have asked

did u ever ask them if u could go out with one of their exes? nope

what happened? errr nothing

did u ever set ur friend up? tried to with nomi and la

did u feel guilty? in the end yeah

ever work things out bt ur two fighting friends? errr shure

what were they fighting about? something stupid like...hairbrushes

how’d u fix it? by slapping them and telling them to think what they're saying

did one of them try to get u to take sides? ooh i never take sides, are you crazy? i know what happens when you take sides...im not stupid

dont u just hate that? yep

whats the most annoying thing a friend can do to u? lie

whats the nicest thing someones ever done for u? called me up while i was ill and asked if i was okay, bought me a placebo album, gave me a hug when i needed one, saying that they love me

do u have a crush on that person? ^^ mixed people

whos ur secret crush cos i wont tell? ste...?

are u gonna ask them out soon? we're going out...foo'

ever have a serious crush on a celebrity? serious crush? i had one ages ago, errrrrr but it was only for a movie, now he's old and FAT....

who? brendan frazer...saw him in a theatre production...man, that was nasty

was it really obsessive? oh no, i just thought he was really cute, and i imagined we would hold hands or something stupid like that, gimme a break, i was like...12 or something

is there other stuff u obsess over? ste ste ste...*thinks* and chocolate, and water and placebo music

like what? ^^^

do u get paranoid about it? i dont..think so

are u paranoid over anything else then? not really no

whats one thing that scares the crap outta u? clowns and scary music in films where u know somethings about to happen

does it involve clowns cos theyre scary? fucking hell, i hate clowns, blah!

did someone ever have a clown at ur bday party? nope...thank god

is ur bday ur fav holiday? nooo

how old ru now? 18

how old do u wish u were? 25

anything else u wish for? be with ste...errrrr yeah thats pretty much it

fucking hell, i actually managed to get all this done, man im tired now....im off to bed *yawns*

I am...: tired tired

Have ye any scribbles for me?